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Reiki Energy Work

Build your intuition and allow your inner being to shine through!

Service Description

Reiki is a form of energy work developed by Japanese Sensei Mikao Utsui. Through an attunement process, a Reiki practitioner develops the ability to channel universal energy (Rei - Ki). Reiki can be applied hands-on or through distance healing. Along with working beautifully as a complementary therapy for health concerns, Reiki provides an opportunity for spiritual growth. Reiki facilitates deep listening and the development of intuition by connecting with the different energy centers in the body. Reiki is channeled one way through the practitioner to the receiver with the singular intention of supporting the receiver's highest good. This energy supports relaxation, healing, and realization. I am a Certified Reiki Master. My energy work is influenced by my studies of cranio sacral therapy and Indian yogic and spiritual practices. Clients remain fully clothed during Reiki. ***I'm currently limiting my Reiki to counseling clients. I recommend Northwest Healing Studio (my Reiki teacher) for in-person full Reiki sessions!

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