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Meet Janaki (she/her)

Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), Reiki Master, Holistic Coach

I am passionate about holistic healing, drawing inspiration from the natural world and spiritual study. Life experiences have shown me that the body, heart, mind, and spirit weave together to reveal our inner wisdom. I bring to my work formal training in biology, Eastern philosophy, social work, early childhood mental health, and Reiki. I am committed to a social justice lens and engaging in study to evolve that lens. I'm here to help you uncover your own truths for healing and awakening. Here are some of the ways we can work together:

Utilizing my license as an independent clinical social worker, I provide counseling primarily to adults at my office in Fremont, Seattle. While I have an extensive background in trauma, early childhood mental health, and psychodynamic therapy, my passion is spiritually-oriented and holistic therapy. Based on a client's interest, I bring into therapy practices that cultivate a sense of inner refuge and inspiration, such as Mindful Self Compassion, Reiki, meditation, and mantra. I also invite discussions about the use of holistic resources, such as naturopathic care, bodywork, and plant-based foods and herbs.

It was witnessing the beauty of hands-on healing that inspired me to seek training in Reiki and cranio sacral therapy. Energy work creates a charged, but gentle space for feeling more deeply, moving through stuck places, and opening into your own truth. Certified as a Reiki Master, I provide energy work that facilitates the development of your intuition.


We become healers by healing ourselves. My personal experience healing chronic illness has led me to offer holistic coaching using the protocols of Anthony William, Medical Medium. I provide individualized coaching and support for cleanses. Explore with me the use of fruits, vegetables, wild foods, herbs, and holistic practices to reshape your life!

Meet Janaki



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